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Africans All

Alternative Title: N/A

Series Title: N/A


Julien Bryan's portrayal of all Africa in a series of swift, exciting "brush strokes", beginning with Philip Stapp's lively animation parodying popular misconceptions about Africa and continuing with film showing the real Africa in all its diversity and color. Authentic African music and sounds recorded on the spot by Sam Bryan. (1964 IFF catalog)


Edited Film

Country/Location: Africa

Tribe or Group: N/A

Producer: Julien Bryan

Director: Greg Knowles

Cinematographer: Julien Bryan, Sam Bryan, Clifford Kamen, Homer Kellums, Ray Garner

Production Company: IFF

Additional Production: Animation by Philip Stapp; Sound Recording In Africa by Sam Bryan and Arthur S. Alberts; Animator Technician Larry Quartararo; Musical Consultant Norman Lloyd

Running Time: 22 min.

Years Filmed: 1963

Decade Produced: 1960s

Years Distributed: 1963-1981

Film Gauge: 16mm

Stock: Color Safety

Footage Count: 824'

Sound: Narrated; Recorded On Location

Notes: Used sound recorded on location. Philip Stapp animation. All footage filmed in 1960. Replaced in catalog by "Africa: A New Look" in 1981.

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